Being the ones, is the ones, as the righteous ones invited out from among the gentiles

"the (wife) of me, being the righteous ones, being the righteous ones invited out
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her"
Matthew 16:18


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The Battle of the Ages

The Church denying the very existence of the Ekkleesian

This web site is dedicated to the preposition that the Ekkleesian and the Church are diabolically opposed to one another. The Ekkleesia has never been the Church since the beginning. The Heathen Gentile Church was already fully developed at the time when Jesus came to redeem his people from being without the Covenants. The embryo struggle was already in a full fight for supremacy, at the time of John the Baptist, at the River Jordan when he cried out to the ethnic Jews known as the Pharisees and the Sadducees, "Who has warned you of the wrath to come?" During the three years that Jesus ministered to the local people, the ethnic Jews had already conspired to do away with Jesus. Jesus called these same ethnic Jews all kinds of names, such as dogs, vipers and an open grave white washed. Jesus did not want to go up to Jerusalem, but when the appointed time came, he went up to be slaughtered, to redeem his divorced wife, Aholah. He did not go up to die for the sins of the whole world. He had love for no one except his two wives, Aholah and Aholibah, of the Old Testament. Presented here is the truth, which has been hidden ever since, we have had an English bible, for which we generally give credit to King James of England.

King James was in a struggle, with all of the churches in the country. It is reported, that he wrote a commentary of the book of Revelation by the time he was 18 years old. With the Bishop's Bible already in use by various religious groups, he called for a new translation of his own. He put out an edict that the word for ekkleesia was not to be congregation or assembly. The translators would have probably lost their lives if they known the truth of the Greek text so they fabricated the word "church" for the word "ekkleesia". Having made that mistake, they were then forced to make many other mistakes in translation to bring the word church into agreement with other verses. In the essay of The Rotten Tree of Translation, a parody on the poor work of the translation of the Greek Text over into the English. The errors have been carried forward for 500 years.

The study of the biblical text has been a life time of study. In 1991, I made my first of many attempts to learn the Greek Language from a home study course. I failed miserably. I made several other attempts, but I ran into brick wall of the Greek Language instructors, while demanding that I had to learn the Latinized Greek Translation methods before I could understand the Greek Language. Not to be detered, I set out on my own to learn the Greek Text, composed of only 5000 Greek words. Therefore, I had to get a Greek Text that was both readable and usable for myself. I made my own interlinear text in three languages, that is both readable and useable, composed of two volumes and 500 pages. Unhappy with the first results, I then made my own Greek font that is a true type font that is typeable on a standard keyboard. I could then print out the text when ever I needed to have a portion for myself. I had a web page for two years, and received only one inquiry so I cancelled the web page.

Moving forward to this year, I began to write on the subject of the house of Israel being the ekkleesian that is mentioned, in all 80 times that word Church is used. In the list of essays below is the proof that the church is diabolically opposed to what the ekkleesian is and for which Jesus died. The ekkleesian are the people of God, that are mentioned some 230 times in scripture. There are no other group of people mentioned. Jesus died on Passover as the sacrificial lamb on the 14th of the month. Pentecost, 50 days later everything is changed according to the message of the Church. It is an open door policy for all gentiles to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. What happen during those 50 days that made the unrighteous gentiles of the Old Testament to be able to get redemption with a single act of repentance with out paying the price? Jesus clearly says in Matthew, that he came only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel of the family of Hebrews. How was the door opened for the unrighteous gentiles to get into the Kingdom of God? That is easy. The Harlot church, which has been with us for thousands of years changed her shroud and spoke with the voice of the dragon. "Confess your sins and repent and become like God knowing good and evil." The same old message, he told Eve in the Garden.

Does the Church really believe what Jesus said, while he was here on earth? Jesus was born in the land of the House of Judah. The Judeans were the only righteous people, from which Jesus could come. They had been declared righteous on Mount Sinai when God chose the Hebrews out from among all the other people, to be his people and he would be their God. All gentiles were rejected, as they had been from the beginning. "God Hated These Three Men," who are the father's of all the gentiles. No plan of salvation or redemption was ever offered to the gentiles except through the Harlot Church from its beginning. The old gal just change her filthy gown from one style to the church of the dark ages. Seeing that she needed another a new filthy gown, she started the reformation whereby you are saved by faith, by grace alone. Salvation, as to what Jesus said, it is by race and race alone. Jesus saved the House of Israel out from among the gentiles, where they had been dispersed by his father. All it takes is a few translation errors along the way and you have Paul being an apostle to the gentiles and nothing is further from the truth than that lie. Just leave a few words out here and there, and add a few, you have, "The Rotten Tree of Translation" for the unrighteous gentile Church. "The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ" is like saying that you have an honest thief, neither exist in this world, regardless of your purpose or your dedication to the word of God. In denying the House of Israel of her rightful place in the world today.

Without the knowledge of the House of Israel being one of the only two righteous families on earth and all others are rejected. You will be playing the role that the Old Harlot has been playing for centuries; which is to deceiving the gentiles into thinking that they can become the righteous sons of Abraham. The seven remaining sons were rejected and sent away. The message of the Church is to send out missionaries to the gentiles of this world with the false hope that they can be born again into the family of Hebrews and receive eternal life. It is all a lie, conceived in the pit of hell. The struggle of the ages is not right against wrong but the fight of the unrighteous to kill the righteous sons of Abraham. That is what the world struggle is about today in the Middle East and Russia. It will be the final battle, when the unrighteous hordes come out of the Middle East and Russia. They come against the older son of Joseph which is the Great nation out of the commonwealth of nations of Ephraim, known as the British commonwealth and the United States of America.

I covered everything from the garden until the end. It has been the church that has been denying the older sister of the whole House of Israel to have her rightful place in the world today. The Church is going forward with all kinds of programs to deceive the rejected gentiles into believing they have a rightful place in the Stone kingdom, which already exists. Except, they ignore the words of Jesus, that in the last days he is going to send in angel harvester to take out the unrighteous gentiles, to bind and burn them. There has never been a conversion of a gentile to a Hebrew since the cross. Jesus redeemed his fallen wife of her youth, the lost sheep of the house of Israel, of the family of Hebrews. And by his stripes, the house of Israel was healed.

I have highlighted some words, which are links to the essays listed below. If you did not select a link while reading, you can do so now, at your pleasure. Read the links, then go to the bottom of this page and send me your comments.

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    1. Genealogies Why did Paul refuse genealogies in the local churchs?.

    2. Eternal life by John Was it right for John to offer eternal life to the ethnoon guim?

    3. The wife of Jesus is the ethnee This is an alternate web page about the wife of Jesus being among the ethnoon. This page spends more time on the stuggle of the wife to be found in the biblical text where she have been changed to be the evil gentile church of the Gentiles. Some articles are on both web pages.


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      The mini books that I have written are about the House of Israel being the only people that Jesus came to redeem.

      There are more articles about the ethnee being the only people of God in the New Testament at "The wife of Jesus is the ethnee" where the wife can become his learners.

      1. The Rotten Tree of Translation 42 Pages A parody about the errors of the translators of the Greek text into the English text.

      2. Why did Jesus have to die? 11 Pages Revealing that Jesus did not die for the sins of the whole world but rather that he died to remarry Aholah, his divorced wfe, because of the law of divorcement in the Old Testament.

      3. Woe to you hypocrites 11 Pages Warning the hypocrites of the coming wrath upon the heathen rejected gentiles and the pretenders that claim they believe the Bible and are rejecting what it says concerning the House of Israel being the only people that Jesus said he came to save. For salvation is by race and for only one race of people, the Hebrews.

      4. Son of Man All men are not the same. There is of the seed of Satan, the male called MAN. There is of the seed of Adam the one being human. They differ, one from the othere, one is alive and the other is the animal man not having a soul.

      5. The Place that does not exist 8 Pages Showing that the word "Calvary" does not existed in the New Testament except in the minds of the corrupted translators. It appears only once in the English translation but not in the Greek letter Text.

      6. Genealogies Why did Paul refuse genealogies in the local churchs?.

      7. Eternal life by John Was it right for John to offer eternal life to the ethnoon guim?

      8. The world that never was 13 Pages Showing that the word "world" has never existed in the New Testament except in the minds of the corrupted translators.

      9. The last gathering 14 Pages Revealing that Russia leads the last gathering against the House of Israel located in the place that was given David through the Prophet Nathan.

      10. An intoduction to Aholah and Aholibah 17 Pages Revealing the two sisters that became the wives of Jesus.

      11. The race card 9 Pages About the times God has played the race card against the evil gentiles of this world.

      12. The promise of the Holy Spirit 9 Pages Revealing that only the whole house of Israel was to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit as promise by the Prophet Joel. It was to reveal who the people of God are from the gentiles of this world in the heathen church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      13. The ekkleesian? 16 Pages The ones invited out from among the heathen gentiles. The lost sheep of the House of Israel who are scattered among the heathen gentiles.

      14. Do you Beelieeve 9 Pages containing 115 question about what you might believe as a Christian in the Local Church.

      15. Do you Beelieeve 6 Pages containing only the first 25 question about what you might believe as a Christian in the Local Church.

      16. The ethnee 20 Pages What kind of gentiles are the ethnee? They are the lost sheep of the house of Israel, who are the righteous gentiles while in their lost condition of exile.

      17. Logos 13 Pages What should the word Logos really mean to the reader of the Greek text.

      18. Just the details 10 Pages What you should know about Paul writing to the people in four of his books. How many times did he refer to the Hebrews of the House of Israel.

      19. Who or what is a christian 8 Pages Showing that one cannot become a christian but rather it is a condition that is occuring to the chosen people of God. One can not go out and invite someone to become a christian for the word has never been translated to understand what is happening.

      20. Amartia or Hamartia 18 Pages Does the word mean Sin or is it the ones with out the covenants, the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

      21. The Galatians The ethnee were the ones invited out of the gentile Galatians, Paul was the apostle to the ethnee in Galatians

      22. Jesus 19 Pages In searching for the meaning of the name, Jesus from the Greek language and the Greek text.

      23. I Just want to be like Jesus 10 Pages A parody on the person who says: I just want to be like Jesus.

      24. What or who is Jew 16 Pages of the history and the origin of the Jews and their future.

      25. Saved 12 Pages Who needs to be saved from what and who cannot be saved.

      26. Faith or belief 9 Pages Revealing what is faith and what is belief

      27. Is their healing in the Atonment 14 Pages Revealing that physical healing was not in the atonment by his stripes we were not healed of out physcial dieases and injuries. The stripes laid on Jesus was for the healing of the house of Israel to free them from their desire to worship idols.

      28. Inter-racial Marriage, Right or Wrong 10 Pages Revealing what God said to his people about marriage to the unrighteous gentiles of this world.

      29. The ten lost tribes of Israel 43 Pages Does the house of Israel exist as the chosen people of God? If so where are they ruling today.

      30. The House of Judah 14 Pages Showing the origin and the beginning of the House of Judah. The people of God, who have no need to be saved or redeemed.

      31. The Church has it ever existed? 14 Pages Showing that the Church has never existed in the eyes or the mind of God. Only in the eyes of the princes of this world.

      32. The Message of the Church 15 Pages About the message and practices of the Church of this present age.

      33. How to become one of them 21 Pages A parody on the Church and how to become one of them in the Church.

      34. The "Lamb's" Book of Life 5 Pages Jesus is the one with the book, He is the Lamb having the book with the list of names of the whole house of Israel.

      35. Righteousness and Unrighteousness 12 Pages From the book of Luke where we find out who are the righteous and who are the unrighteous people of this world.

      36. Passover or Easter 14 Pages The holiday known by two names. Which do you celebrate?

      37. Pentecost 12 Pages What is Pentecost and who should celebrate it, and in what manner.

      38. Their are two kinds of People 11 Pages In the world today their are two kinds of people, which have been predetermined by God in advance.

      39. The Bible Outline 65 Pages An outline of the Bible from Genesis to Ezekiel showing the promises to the people of God, the Hebrews.

      40. The context of the first century 18 Pages Covers the life around the Sea of Galilee at the time of Jesus.

      41. The world plan of the ages 37 Pages Showing the plan of God for this world, and his chosen people.

      42. The Covenant Family 11 Pages The covenant people are shown to be only the House of Judah and the House of Israel, that no other people of the world can ever be included.

      43. Who is your Mother? 8 Pages Revealing the one righteous mother of whom all the Hebrews descended. Which of the other mothers are you descended from?

      44. Nobel Laureates listed by country 31 Pages Revealing the blessing of Abraham upon all the nations of the world.

      45. Blessing of Abraham written in Spanish Paper 5 Pages A Spanish writer comparing Islam to the western world showing the blessings of Abraham. I received this as an email.

      46. The Covenants Old and New 8 Pages Showing where the first covenants was made and with whom.

      47. The Final Examination 26 Pages Jesus gives the final examination on what you believed while living.

      48. Extra News 19 Pages A newscast of the days events as they happened followed by a commentary on today's news.

      49. The High Priest 9 Pages Describing the High Priest of the Old Testament, Jesus is the High Priest of the House of Israel.

      50. Daniel Chapter 2 16 Pages Showing the Book of Daniel chapter 2 with a commentary on the verses revealing the Stone Kingdom which will rule the world.

      51. The 29 Chapter of the Book of Acts 11 Pages The final chapter to the book of Acts which ends with the word, Amen.

      52. The Potter's wheel 14 Pages How the church takes the truth of the Potter's Wheel and changes it into a self examination of one's righteousness.

      53. The Sabbath 8 Pages What is the Sabbath and to whom does it belong.

      54. Righteous and Unrighteous People and the Harlot Church 12 Pages This article is about the righteous and the unrighteous people of the world from the beginning.

      55. Rename the books of the Bible 16 Pages How the Books of the Bible should be renamed to show whom they were written to.

      56. Verification of Citizenship in the Kingdom of God 2 Pages An examination to determine whether you are a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

      57. Tarshish of Ezekiel 38 13 Pages Tarshish of Ezekiel 38 has never been translated to reveal where the Stone is located and the location of the Stone Kingdom.

      58. Are you one of His 10 Pages Jesus came only for his people and are you one of his people, the Hebrews?

      59. To what group of people do you belong? 3 Pages Showing what groups of peoples that you can possible be a descendant of in the world today.

      60. A commentary of chapter 2 of Daniel 7 Pages Revealing the Stone kingdom that will crush all of this world empires from the beginning until the end of the age.

      61. Who are the People of God 17 Pages They are those that he chose on Mount Sinai of Arabia, when they came out of Egypt.

      62. The Ottoman Empire 17 Pages The history of the Ottoman Empire out of which came 40 some nations in the Middle East today after being conquered by the Stone Kingdom.

      63. Yes the Pretribulation Rapture is Biblical 51 Pages An examination of the theory that the Rapture will not occur, when Jesus comes to take his people out from the wrath of God on this world.

      64. Reading List 1 Page Listing some of the books that I have read when studying the House of Israel subject.

      65. Other Authors This page is the works of others who have written so wonderful on many associated subjects to what I have written about and I wish to only share them with you.

    1. CHARTS:

      1. Family of Abraham 1 Page Showing the descendants of Abraham and who became the people of God.

      2. Stone Travel 1 Page Showing the travel of the stone from Bethel until it present location in Scotland.

      3. Origin of the Royal Lines 1 Page Showing the origin of the two Royal lines of Hebrews.

      4. Hebrews Nations 1 Page Showing the travel of the Hebrews to the place that God told David.

      5. The Righteous People Chart 4 Pages Showing the separations and mixing of the people of the world down through time.

      6. Nation Flow chart 1 Page Showing the origin of the Nations and those which have been crushed by the Stone Kingdom.

      7. The chosen people chart 1 Page Showing the Chosen People of God and those of Abraham who were rejected and sent away.


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